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BPC 157 5mg,USA MADE,PEPTIDE,Peptides,Bacteriostatic Water UK.  


BPC 157 5mg

Pentadecapeptide BPC 157, composed of 15 amino acids, is a partial sequence of body protection compound (BPC) that is discovered in and isolated from human gastric juice. Experimentally it has been demonstrated to accelerate the healing of many different wounds, including transected rat Achilles tendon.

BPC 157 has been shown in rat studies to heal torn quadriceps muscles, detached achilles tendon, and muscles that have been damaged.

Unit Size: 5 mg/vial
CAS NO. 137525-51-0
Molecular Formula: C62H98N16O22
Molecular Weight: 1419.53552
Sequence: Bpc 15, Bpc-157, Booly protection compound 15
Appearance: White Powder
Purity: 99.3%

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Terms: This product is intended for laboratory research use only. Read all terms and conditions of use before placing your order. If you are found in violation of the terms and conditions your order will be refunded and possibly blocked from placing future orders.

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