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We just wanted to send a quick message thanking you all for your custom and support over the years. We also wanted to provide some updates and new discount news.


As many of you will know Hospira have been having manufacturing issues for most of this year and bacteriostatic water and similar products made by them are out of stock everywhere.

Hospira do not anticipate normal supply will return until November


Unfortunately this shortage has seen a huge influx of low quality non sterile bacteriostatic water and Hospira fakes. Please make sure you only ever buy from websites like ours that have been in business for years and not one of the many new ones that have just arrived to exploit people.


We do have an excellent supply of Generic Bacteriostatic Water that has been produced for us by the same laboratory for many years. This is available in 10ml, 20ml and 30ml sizes.


Please also visit the website to see the other items we have added.


New Discounts available now.


10% off over £300 spend, 5% off over £200 spend, 3% off over £100 spend (excluding postage) on any order. 5% off any size order for returning customers (or 10% off if over £300 spent)






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